Submit a Complaint

After you have familiarised yourself with the role of the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services, as well as the complaints process, you may proceed with lodging your complaint if you are dissatisfied with the response that your financial services provider has sent you in writing.
If you are Maltese, download our complaint form (in Maltese) in  file_pdf.png  PDF (Maltese Version)  .  
Complaints submitted in English may only be accepted in specific circumstances (such as, for example, when the complainant is not Maltese).  The complaint form in English is available in  file_pdf.png PDF (English Version).
Compile and save the complaint form on your PC or tablet, then print it. Make sure you sign the form before it is submitted to us.  If more than one person is making a complaint, the form should be signed by all the complainants.
Handwritten complaint forms will not be accepted and will be returned. In that case, we will contact you to explain what is required of you.
Make sure that copies of all documents in support of your complaint are attached to your complaint form.  You should also attach a copy of your complaint letter to the financial provider, together with a copy of its reply. The provider has 15 working days from receipt of your complaint to submit a reply to you.
We are unable to accept complaint forms which are:
a)  in English (if the complainant is Maltese);
b)  unsigned or submitted by e-mail;
c)  submitted without an original signature;
d)  without a copy of the letter of complaint to the provider, and its reply; or
e)  submitted without the payment of €25 which is the fee payable with every complaint.
We accept cheques (or bank drafts) drawn on locally licensed banks* only (payable to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services). Do not send cash with your complaint form.
Other payment arrangements (such as by bank transfer) are also accepted (send an e-mail to for details).
Seek advice if you want help regarding lodgement of a complaint with this Office.
Complaints which are frivolous and vexatious will be rejected by the Arbiter in terms of law.


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