Step 1: Complain with your provider

Before bringing your complaint to us, 

communicate with your financial service provider first. 

At times, an issue may be too complex to sort out informally. In that case, you would need to submit a complaint in writing to your provider. Let them know what the problem is and how you see it resolved.   

We cannot accept complaints unless you have given the opportunity to the financial services provider to look into your complaint first. You should give the provider a chance to look into your complaint before approaching us with a formal complaint.   

You may proceed with lodging a complaint with us if:

  1. You sent a complaint letter to your provider but the reply is not satisfactory; OR
  2. You gave the provider 15 working days (around three weeks) to review your complaint but still have not received any feedback or a final letter.

Seek advice if you want help regarding the lodgement of a complaint with this Office. It is not necessary that you appoint a professional adviser to lodge a complaint with us.  


Quick and helpful tips 

  • Get your paperwork sorted. Are you missing any important documents, such as a contract note, application form, or fact-find?  If you're missing documents, ask your provider to provide you with copies.
  • Be clear and avoid using abusive words and sarcasm when writing your complaint to the provider.
  • Stick to the facts, not opinions. Tell them exactly what and when it happened, and who was involved.
  • Explain why you are dissatisfied and how you would like to have the problem fixed.
  • Do not delay. It is in your best interest to act at once!
  • Keep a copy of your complaint to the provider. If you use email, ensure that you use an address that the provider has indicated in its complaints' procedure (or simply ask for the appropriate email address). Use registered mail if you intend to mail your complaint. 
  • Allow 15 working days (around three weeks) for the provider to reply to your complaint.
  • You can lodge a complaint if you're dissatisfied with the provider's reply or if you haven't received a reply on the lapse of the 15 working days (around three weeks).


 Delaying taking action is not in your best interest.

The Arbiter will accept a complaint if it is registered in writing with your provider by not later than two (2) years from the day on which you first had knowledge of the matters complained of. 

It is therefore in your best interest to take action if you notice that there is something wrong with a transaction or level of service

Do keep a copy of the complaint letter you send to your provider, proof of registered mail (if sent by mail), and the provider’s acknowledgment in case you need to pursue your complaint further with us.


Ready to take your complaint further? 


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