Enquiries & Minor Cases

This is our informal service to help you sort out small cases and/or queries.

Not all cases are major or complex.  Sometimes there may be a breakdown of communication or a transaction involving a financial services provider that can be easily reviewed and resolved in an informal manner (that is without submitting a formal complaint). 

What are the possible outcomes if you use our informal service?

  1. Your issue may be resolved through our intervention.  You and the provider come to an agreement and the matter rests there.
  2. There may be a misunderstanding or breakdown in communication.  We can help clarify the issue for you or ask the providers to do so themselves. The issue rests there.
  3. Our informal intervention may be unsuccessful. In this case,  you may need to lodge a formal complaint. Please click here for a step-by-step guide as to our complaint process. 

We’re here to guide you on how to best approach an issue, depending on your situation. We will also provide you with all information you need to lodge a formal complaint with us.

However, we do not offer legal advice, and therefore, we will not provide you with guidance as to how you should articulate your complaint. Seek help from a professional if you need assistance with writing a complaint.

If you wish to proceed with your complaint, please go through our guidelines first, starting with Step 1: Complain with your provider.

How can you reach us?

Through this website

It's simple! 

Click here to fill in a few details that we require to enable us understand your case.

By phone

Get in touch with us telephonically during office hours (8am to 3pm in winter, 8am to 1pm in summer) as follows:

Freephone 80072366: Free calls are available only if originating from a Maltese landline. Calls may still be made on this number but network charges apply if calling from a mobile or internationally. 

Mobile: +356 79219961. You can call or send us a text or Whatsapp message and we'll be happy to call you back, if necessary. 

Landline: +356 21249245. This is our general number.

Personally at our offices

We would like to invite the public and our stakeholders to avoid personal visits to our offices.  We have taken this measure to ensure a safer environment for our staff and to mitigate the possible dissemination of the coronavirus.


Have you acquired a financial product/service from a provider in the EU or EEA?

If your complaint is against a provider who is authorised in another Member State of the EU and EEA, we would be unable to take your complaint. We may be able to give you information on the possibility of lodging a complaint with another complaints’ body that may handle it. Click here for further details.